The company was born out of the initiative of young Josenrique Pérez Pérez around the year 1995, who after returning from London, settled in the family´s farmhouse located in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, and decided to experiment with some varieties of lettuce and aromatic herbs for his personal use.

Josenrique, a lover of flavors and culinary art, decided to grow aromatic herbs and lettuce in Dominican soil for his own consumption, and the experience opened a niche in the market that, thanks to his dedication and determination, made him pioneer and leading producer of aromatic herbs in our country.

We are committed to the production and delivery of fine aromatic herbs, lettuce and vegetables of high quality and hygiene to bring confidence, nutrition and health to every home.

To remain as leading company in the production and sale of fine aromatic herbs, lettuce and vegetables, identifying in the market by our customers’ satisfaction.

· Cultivate human values and peace
· Integrity
· Engagement with the client
· Commitment to the company
· Quality in our crops
· Respect for the environment